About the Collaborative

Our Mission

Polestar Collaborative creates dynamic opportunities that engage the spirit of learning and transform individuals through mentorship, leadership and community.

Our Founders

Polestar Collaborative is an organization sponsored and directed by Community Development and Consulting, LLC (CDAC), Workforce Development Global Alliance (WDGA) and Polestar Gardens.

Polestar Collaborative open house

The Polestar Collaborative Advantage

Here are some of the advantages of the innovative Polestar Collaborative learning styles: 

  • Promotes a dynamic spirit of life-long learning
  • Offers apprenticeship and mentorship based learning
  • Teaches self-sufficiency and practical life skills in a local community environment
  • Provides hands-on experiences in a variety of areas
  • Focuses on building strong, self-aware, confident leaders
  • Establishes career and workforce success resume experiences
  • Builds local economies
  • Engages learning that is  fun, nurturing, and intriguing
  • Provides an alcohol and drug free environment

Learn More

To learn more about the collaborative’s founding organizations, please visit:

Community Development and Consulting, LLC (CDAC)

Workforce Development Global Alliance

Polestar Gardens















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